Monday, April 15, 2013

Euroland and Local Educator's Discussions

On April 10th, our 3rd day here in Kiev, we started off visiting Euroland. No, this is not an amusement park, but one of the quasi-private schools. By the pictures from the last post, you saw the difference in the school buildings and classroom compared to the first school we visited.

Here's a few more:

This is the foyer to the school. It actually reminds me a lot of a similar area at the middle school in Mexico City where I taught.

These are some students that dressed up in traditional dress for us to see.

This was a meeting room and computer lab.

On the top floor there was this special room designed by the students for some type of council. They had a judges bench and, as you can see, a jail. I'm not sure what they actually did here.

One of the teachers gave us a little explanation of the school system.

In the afternoon we went back to the IREX office for a panel discussion. There was a young business man there that has started a non-profit to help teachers start a website for free. Euroland has pretty good Wi-Fi access, but most of the schools do not. I'd say they are significantly behind the U.S. in getting their schools connected.

There were some politicians at the meeting that seemed skeptical about a company offering free websites, but after further discussion, there was some understanding about what the company was trying to do.

From this meeting, some of us headed straight to the airport. Another Fellow and myself headed off to Simperfopol which is the capital of the Crimean Peninsular.

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