Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good Karma

Last night when I got to my hotel, there was a group of Chinese nationals having a problem getting their room. Only one of them spoke any English at all. Apparently they had thought they had reserved a room with 2 beds. Instead they only had a room with one bed and the clerk was unable (unwilling??) to give them another room. I overheard this and remembered that I had a reservation for 2 double beds.

So I offered to switch my room for theirs. After all, I knew I was soon to be in the position of not speaking the language, being in a foreign land and if I ran into a problem, I would hope someone more familiar with the culture might help me out.

This morning as I was getting on my flight, I thought I would just ask if there was an emergency row seat available. There was not, but they said they had Economy Plus seats at a price. I asked how much and when the counter guy looked it up, he said for some reason I was able to get the seat at no extra charge, rather than the normal $99! He didn’t know why, it just was!! Six extra inches of legroom and no one in the middle seat. I also got an emergency row seat on the flight from Newark to Frankfurt.

Good Karma indeed.


  1. Is that pic with economy plus seating? It looks so small.

  2. 5" for 99 bucks that's $19.80 an inch.
    What a bargain!!!!

  3. Unfortunately Joe those Chinese were arrested this morning as they are part of a ring importing drugs into the U.S. and the DEA is looking for the guy that switched rooms with them. But don't worry you're safe as long as you don't try to come back into the U.S.

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