Friday, April 5, 2013

Ready or not (Ukraine) here I come!!

One week ago today, I boarded a plane and flew to Miami to spend some time with my son at the University of Miami. My son, wife, and I went down to the Keys and did the tourist things. I flew back to Santa Barbara and got in around 11:00 pm yesterday.

Tonight I fly to LAX. I stay overnight and catch a flight at 6:30 am to Newark, NJ. Then I hop on a plane with a fine group of fellow Fellows to fly to Frankfurt, Germany and then on to Kiev, Ukraine. East Coast - West Coast - Eastern Europe.

Before I left for Miami, I started my what to do/bring/remember list:

Today, I'm going through all of it. I've added more and I'm starting to get that butterfly/anxious/excitement "what did I forget" feeling. No problem. I'll do some meditation breathing and change the butterfly/anxious/excitement feeling into, "this is going to be soooooo cooooool!"

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